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Lighting & Visuals

Steel Revolution provides the ultimate light show!

Lighting is one of the most important factors that need special attention to bring your party to life & create that perfect atmosphere. Our lighting will turn any empty space into an elegant and visually appealing room, no matter how plain the venue looks during daylight hours.

Creating the perfect ambiance at your party is a must for your guests and lighting is the key ingredient. Most people won’t come out to the dance floor if it feels like day light at a party, lighting sets the mood or even the theme and in turn helps motivate your guests to dance.

Primary Lighting

Our standard lighting includes Scanners, Moving Heads, L.E.D Panels & our Tri L.E.D centerpieces. These are the heart of all our light shows and help to warm up and get the party going. These are all included at no extra cost!

Silk Flame Machines

Included as standard, these Silk Flame Machines will really turn some heads. There perfect for weddings, but can be used for any occasion; they enhance the atmosphere where or however they’re used. Don’t worry either, they’re not dangerous in anyway and do not contain real fire! (*Included as standard)

Smoke Machine

We use our Smoke Machine to enhance our lighting & the general ambiance of your venue. Rays of light penetrate the smoke, which not only looks really cool, but also increases the coverage of our lighting; smoke contains tiny particles, which reflects light rays in all directions. Not every venue will allow the use of Smoke Machines, so please check this prior or after booking. We always bring the Smoke Machine with us, but just can’t guarantee its use. (*Included as standard)


Do you want the nightclub feel at your party? Our lasers will create that vibrant, exploding club style environment you may be looking for. Team this up with our Smoke Machines and you’re going to be in for one heck of a show! (*Included as standard)

Projection Screen

Our projection screen can display visuals of your choice, or we’ll use our own based on the theme of your occasion. Later in the night we’ll also display photos we’ve taken with our camera! See our photo service for more details. (*Included as standard)

Mood Lighting & Up-lighting (optional extra)

Up-lighting are lights setup around a room that shine towards walls and ceilings, enhancing the ambiance of any room. Their colours range from pink, blue, lavender, red, green & more and can turn a boring room into a colourful environment. They can be placed exactly where you want; maybe you want to turn that dull wall at the back of the room into a magnificent wall of light? Or light up the area around your wedding cake with a soft elegant pink?

Our up-lighting will transform any room and you’re only limited by your own imagination! Later in the night, when the party has really started, we can alter the up-lighting to react to the music – giving your party that nightclub feel!

Depending on limitations with your venues size, we may not be able to use all of our equipment.

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